Beyond HOPE

In an effort to bring together the attendee community before Beyond HOPE, we're offering a number of special features on this website.

Feds at Beyond HOPE?!

That's right! As with most hacker conferences, Beyond HOPE will have its share of feds. It's nothing to worry about, but interesting nonetheless. We've compiled a list of the military and government agencies that have shown some degree of interest in the conference. The Beyond HOPE Fed List is available for your entertainment only.

Beyond HOPE Ride Board

The Beyond HOPE Ride Board is a great way to arrange carpools. Simply by opening a ride board account, you can find other people in your area who can assist in your journey to the Big Apple. It's a much better solution than treading water on the beyondhope mailing list!

Beyond HOPE Hardware Registry

The Beyond HOPE Hardware Registry will be here any day now, and will give everyone (including us!) an idea of what computer equipment we can expect at the conference. This way, attendees can start pooling resources (ethernet adaptors being the most important) before the Beyond HOPE Network is even assembled.

Puck Building Area Payphone Map

Courtesy of Stinky, here's a really great map of all the payphones in the vicinity of the Puck Building.

Online Tour of New York City

Finally, the Beyond HOPE Online Tour of New York City should be available in about a week. You'll be able to stroll the streets around the Puck Building, checking out shops, restaurants, and more. You can casually explore any street, or look for places by category. Every storefront is in vivid color. NEW!Since the Tour page is taking more time to complete than inspected, a rough version of the tour is now available.

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