Beyond HOPE
The Beyond HOPE Network

Even though we only had a 28.8 link to the outside world at the 1994 HOPE, we still had a lot of fun networking all our computers together. This time things will be different.

Beyond HOPE attendees will have the use of a T1 (or possibly faster) connection to the Internet. Conference-goers who bring computers will be able to connect them to the network, and all experimentation will be encouraged. Attendees will also be able to receive accounts on the central HopeNet server. Valuable prizes will be awarded to those who hack root on this machine.

HopeNet will be a 10Base-T (star topology) network, 10 megabit, using category 5 (CAT5) cabling. Users needing a 10Base-2 (coaxial) connection to the network should bring their own "T" connectors, just to be safe. Full information is in the Beyond HOPE FAQ.

There will be a very limited number of computers available to the public for casual web browsing, unless someone decides to volunteer their machines. We will, however, have a number of text based terminals available for general use. There also might be a couple workshops on the HOPE network, so our attendees can get a feel of what is available and how it was put together.

Stay tuned to this section for more information, coming soon!

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