Welcome to the brand-spanking-new Beyond HOPE Ride Board! This system allows you to input your name into our database of people looking for rides to Beyond HOPE, and people offering rides there. Once you've added yourself, you can come back and search for drivers/passengers in your location, whenever you want.

Please do not make multiple accounts. The system searches by state/territory ONLY, so there's no point in making different accounts for diffrent places in the same state/territory. (There's plenty of room in the "City/Province" field.) Multiple accounts are only OK for people seeking drivers/riders in multiple states or territories.

Start out by filling out the New Account form. You will be added to the database, and you'll be able to choose a username and password. Then whenever you want to search, go to the Search area of this page, enter your username and password, and hit SEARCH.

Questions/Comments/Bug Reports to <webmaster@hope.net>.
This system was created by Anatole Shaw <ash@notwork.net>, with assistance from Dominick LaTrappe <seraf@2600.com> and The Deadkennedey <dk@crackhouse.com>. The information stored in our databases is only searchable by state/territory, through this service. We do not make the databases available in whole, or searchable by other means, to anybody, ever. 2600 Enterprises, Inc., its affiliates, subsidiaries, and partners hereby disclaim any responsibility for damages, incidental or consequencial, arising from the use or misuse of the Beyond HOPE Ride Board. Essentially, we're not responsible for who you meet here.