Beyond HOPE
The Parties

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Thursday Night: 
Garth Brooks  

Garth graciously agreed to be the opening act for Beyond HOPE.
Way to go, Garth! 

Friday Night: 
The Grand Opening Party  

2600 Magazine and the Beyond HOPE planners, along with notorious hacker/DJ Thee Joker, are throwing an awesome party for attendees. It is absolutely free, and taking place at one of New York's chillest clubs.  

WHO: 2600 Magazine and the Beyond HOPE crew.  

WHAT: A party in the East Village. 18 to enter, 21 to drink. NO COVER CHARGE!! Two-for-One drinks before 10PM.  

WHERE: Coney Island High. 15 St. Mark's Place, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues (very close to the Puck building). Phone number is 212-674-7950. Website is 

WHEN: Friday, August 8th, 8PM 'till 4AM. Bands start at 10:30.  

WHY: It's something to do for FREE on a Friday night in Manhattan (how can you go wrong?), and it's a great way to kick off the conference.  

HOW: By pulling together some cool bands (including Meal Ticket, a female-fronted California ska band), some great DJ's, excellent music, killer drink specials, 300+ crazy Beyond HOPE attendees, and not charging one dime at the door.  

FOR MORE INFORMATION, contact Thee Joker <>.  

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 
Gotham Comedy Club  

WHO: Headlining comedians: nationally known comics as seen on  

  • Sue Costello - Aspen Comedy Festival - Girls Night Out 
  • Rod Reyes - HBO - Comedy Central 
  • Jeff Ross - Letterman, Hbo, Comedy Central, Tompkins Square 
  • Wally Collins - Letterman 

  • WHAT: A comedy club in Chelsea. NO COVER CHARGE!! All ages, two drink minimum per person. Free admission if you mention BEYOND HOPE to the hostess at when you're seated (normally $12.00).  

    WHERE: Gotham Comedy Club 
    34 West 22nd Street 
    between 5th and 6th avenue 

    WHEN: Friday and Saturday 9PM and 11:30, Sunday at 8:30 
    Reservations strongly suggested - call 212.367.9000 
    Please arrive at least one half hour before show time to confirm your reservation, as this club tends to overbook on weekends.  

    Saturday & Sunday: 
    Concerts at The Wetlands 

    WHO: The Wetlands management (they rock) gave us a cool 20% discount on all their shows. 

    WHERE:  The Wetlands 
    161 Hudson Street 
    New York, NY 10013 
    3 blocks south of Canal Street 
    Just NYC side of Holland Tunnel 
    (212) 966-4225 


    The Machine CD release party. After years of fan requests, the Machine has finally put together a recording of a live performance. Recorded live at the Wetlands in New York City on Thanksgiving weekend 1996, this show combines Pink Floyd classics with songs the Floyd haven't played live in twenty years. This compact disk was digitally recorded, mixed and mastered for crystal-clear sound. The performance includes several great jams in the tradition of vintage Floyd and the Machine live-show experience. This disc is a must for all fans of the Machine and Pink Floyd.  
    9pm - $8.00 

    Moon Ska's SKA-MART! featuring: 
    Meal Ticket, Planet Smashers, Edna's Goldfish, Adjusters, Komgo Shock, Rudie Brass, Pro-Midget Mafia, Executives, Jiker, and Taxicab Samurias. 
    3pm - til' it ends - Only $4.00 

    FOR MORE INFORMATION, contact Netweasel <>.

    Saturday Night: 
    The Beyond HOPE Rave    

    WHO: NYEX (telephone 212-330-8909) and d8p (212-645-4883), with the cooperation of 2600.  

    WHAT: An awesome rave, with seven DJ's spinning a wide mix of music. 21 to drink. Admission is $15/$20 (advance/door), only with your Beyond HOPE pass!  

    WHERE: Octagon, 555 West 33rd Street, between 10th and 11th Avenues.  

    WHEN: Doors open at 10PM.  

    WHY: It's a great way to spend a Saturday night, and it would be a shame to come to New York City and not experience a rave here!  

    HOW: By putting tina303 (vienna/petra records/mayday), bizz o.d. (nyc/temple records/force inc.), carlos tera (nyc/sonic groove), john selway (nyc/serotonin records), reade truth (nyc/truthink/sonic groove), spd-1 (nyc/nyex), and stroboscopic (nyc/undercover/music group) together in one club.  

    FOR MORE INFORMATION, contact Robin <>.  

    Saturday Night: 
    The Rocky Horror Picture Show 

    WHO: The NYC RHPS cast and The Village East Cinema. 

    WHAT: What is the Rocky Horror Picture Show? Good question. It's a movie. There's music. It's live theater. It's audience interaction. But most importantly, it's a HELL of a party. Plus Beyond Hoper's get in for only $5.50!! (instead of $8.75). 

    WHERE: Village East cinemas on 12th str. and 2nd Ave. 
    (212) 529-6998. 

    WHEN: 12:midnight, You should show up at 11:30 to guarentee a ticket. 

    WHY: How can you come to NYC and not go to the Rocky Horror Picture Show and experience New York's comedic and kinky side. Plus if your underage...Bingo!! SO come and give yourself over to Absoulte Pleasure. 

    FOR MORE INFORMATION, contact Netweasel <>.

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