Beyond HOPE
Merchandise and Refreshments

There will be all kinds of cool Beyond HOPE and 2600 merchandise available at Beyond HOPE. We're not sure exactly what's going to be there yet, but here's a tentative list:

The new issue of 2600 Magazine – premiering at the conference
The brand new Beyond HOPE T-shirt – a cool new design
At least one new 2600 T-shirt, completely redesigned
The new 2600 cap, printed with the 2600 emblem
Back issues of 2600 Magazine – required reading for the enthusiast
CD-ROM's of Emmanuel Goldstein's radio show, Off The Hook
Videos (VHS/NTSC) of the original HOPE conference
Original Hackers on Planet Earth T-shirts from the first HOPE
The original 2600 Blue Box and Michelangelo T-shirts

There will also be snacks and soda available all weekend!

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